Flowers For All Occasions

Flowers are the perfect way of giving a gift to someone either for a special occasion such as birthday, mother days or valentines day. Or if you want to bring a bit of joy to someone who is poorly, flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul and as quoted by Hans Christian Anderson – “They have immediate impact on any setting they are used in and can have a long-term positive effect on moods.”


A beautiful arrangement of flowers and foliage in all colours, grouped together in cellophane or wrapping paper and tied with ribbon ready for the recipient to arrange at home.

Handtied Bouquets

A handtied bouquet is made by gathering the individual flowers one by one and arranging them in your hand and then the flowers can be left long enough to tie ribbon around them to make a handle.


Arrangements come in all shapes and sizes, large or small and with or without handles. The flowers & foliage used depend on personal choice, the size of the basket and the occasion, they are all set in our environmentally friendly oasis.


Utilising different size vases or other containers, flowers and foliage of your choice can be arranged on their own or have candles, ribbons and other items added to form a beautiful and unique gift for someone.


Flower arrangements use a group of flowers that are compatible in size and colour to each other to create a visually stunning look. Unless utilising a container, the flowers are set in our environmentally friendly oasis.


Exactly what it says, any creation for any occasion specifically created for you and to your requirement from hats, bells, butterflies, animals to numbers and letters, nothing is off limits, we relish the challenge!

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Mango Florist offers delivery in Ledbury, Malvern, Hereford, Bromyard and surrounding areas.


We care about the environment and where possible use natural or environmentally friendly products like our bio-degradable oasis and degradable flower wrap. We will keep introducing other environmentally friendly products to our range.

Other Gifts

Mango Florist also stock a selection of giftware, baskets, glass and cards by Hollie Childe. Modern, traditional, funky and fabulous designs to suit all budgets. Contact us for more information.