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The passing of a loved one, family or friend is always a difficult time, sending flowers can bring comfort and beauty to a sad occasion. With bespoke designs they can also be a recognition of the person and we love to have a challenge to produce something bespoke and totally unique to you and your loved one.

The flowers and arrangements can take on many forms such as crosses, wreaths, hearts, names and bespoke arrangements, below is a sample of our funeral flowers range, please look and for any questions please fill out the form at the bottom of the page or call us on 07966099101


Come in a variety of different sizes and can incorporate a ribbon or foliage edge. Colours and designs are interchangeable, and pillows are often depicted as providing comfort in the last resting place for your loved one.


Beautiful floral sprays to drape over the casket, using one colour and foliage for a simple elegant look or with a variety of vibrant colours for a bolder look


Dedicated to a member of the family such as MUM, DAD, NAN, the letters are individually created and mounted on a plastic frame and can incorporate ribbons and small bespoke items.


A circular arrangement which is either a loose single ring of flowers and colours of your choice or a double ring, made with the same base colour and then a different colour on the inner ring, made to stand on an easel or put on the floor.

Hearts & Crosses

Hearts are an indication of the love and compassion to the recipient, whilst crosses are a very symbolic tribute, both can be made with a variety of flowers and either similar colours or a riot of colours


Different flowers displayed in a range of baskets and containers, everything from small posies to small and large posy pad, these prove very popular for family member to send


Totally unique creations specifically created as a reflection of the deceased, can be sport related, hobby related or anything you want, if you have an idea let us know, we love a challenge.

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Mango Florist offers delivery in Ledbury, Malvern, Hereford, Bromyard and surrounding areas.


We care about the environment and where possible use natural or environmentally friendly products like our bio-degradable oasis and degradable flower wrap. We will keep introducing other environmentally friendly products to our range.

Other Gifts

Mango Florist also stock a selection of giftware, baskets, glass and cards by Hollie Childe. Modern, traditional, funky and fabulous designs to suit all budgets. Contact us for more information.